Magna-Glide Delights Medium Grey – 72 yds.


Glide 40wt. trilobal polyester thread on Fil-tec’s original magnetic core bobbin. Used for sewing, quilting and embroidery. JAR OF 20 BOBBIN.

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Magna-Glide Delight Style L bobbin is a pre-wound bobbin from Fil-tec that uses Glide 40 weight trilobal polyester thread. The magnetic core of the bobbin provides an even tension that is consistent from beginning to end. No more manual adjustments of tension as your bobbin gets smaller! The magnetic core also prevents backlash and over-spin as well.

Because Magna-Glide uses Glide 40wt. colors, your top and bottom are a perfect match; just refer to your Glide Color Chart to coordinate your colors. One of the best parts about these bobbins is that they are virtually lint free so you can spend more time sewing and less time cleaning your machine.

Because the bobbin is a Style L, this makes the bobbin compatible with almost all sewing machines, especially our Juki computerized and mechanical machines.

For the best use, please take these into consideration:

  • Colors may appear differently on the computer than they do in person. Please refer to the Glide Color Chart for the most accurate color reference.
  • Make sure the magnet side of the bobbin is inserted down into the care for accurate use.
  • Remember to remove the check spring from the metal bobbin before using. Failure to do so may lead to tension issues and thread breaks.

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