About Us

Who is Juki Junkies?

Juki Junkies is owned by a gal that loves sewing and teaching others.

Carmen Wilson "AKA" Gigi is known for her love of Juki sewing machines and is genuinely passionate about her customers. She is dedicated to servicing those that need help with their Juki machines and helping them get the most from their machine. Gigi is a genuine cheerleader of the Juki brand and often referred to as the “Juki Guru”. Ha! (She finds it comical when she's called this because she is a very down to earth kind of person).

In 2016 after several years of selling Juki machines, Gigi realized the lack of educational support from online Juki Dealers which resulted in poor reviews. She figured that Juki owners needed a helping hand and understood that the reviews she was reading was not reflecting the true awesomeness of Juki Machines.  This led to the birth of the well-known Facebook support group Juki Junkies.

After many years of supporting the group, "Juki Junkies" members kept wanting to buy from Gigi due to the support she provided in the group resulting in many sales over the phone for sewing machines and machine parts she decided it was time to go online and make a difference.  Her goal with this site is to provide her online consumers with the same support she provides to the local consumer.  Her ultimate goal is building relationships, helping customers make educated decisions when purchasing and providing excellent customer service.  Gigi isn’t after a one time machine online sale.  Her wishes are to build that relationship with her all her customers both online and in her store; Gigi's Fabric Shop.

Rest assured you have landed in a pretty awesome place!

Join our Juki Junkies sewing community by visiting our Juki Junkies Facebook Group. 

Our Mission is to educate you, so you get what you need and love what you get.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new one always feel free to call me directly @ 813-376-5015 or call our shop at 813-661-9000.  Purchase with confidence and ease! Let’s do this together. 

Gigi always says if you are feeling frustrated for more than two minutes it's time to hop on our Juki Junkies FB group or call our store. Life is too short to not be sewing!

What are customers are saying:

Check out our new deliveries...... Pictures coming soon

Juki is my loyal workhorse!
Kara Holland
Solid machine that gives you confidence and consistent quality to every project you tackle with it.
Jenny Rojas
The best machine ever. I bought one of the first TL 2010Q out. Never any problems.
Lena Scarborough