About Us

Who is Juki Junkies?

Juki Junkies was created by Carmen Wilson, a.k.a "Gigi": a short, spicy gal that loves sewing and teaching others. 

Gigi’s intention with this platform is to provide a place for sewists to find community and build relationships. The group is composed of sewists worldwide encompassing multiple levels of skill and knowledge. With our Juki community comes endless support and encouragement as sewists grow in their skills. This led to the birth of the well-known Facebook support group Juki Junkies.

Here at Juki Junkies, our mission is:

To provide an excellent customer experience, personalized to each sewist’s needs while educating along the way.

Along with our multitude of educational opportunities, we strive to build life-long relationships with you! 

Our values here are simple:

Exceptional Customer Experience

Sewing can be an intimidating and confusing world to navigate, especially if you are a new sewist or exploring a new area of sewing. We pride ourselves in making the shopping experience as easy as possible while answering any questions that may arise.

Honesty and Transparency

We understand there are many different creative avenues you can explore and we aim to match you with the perfect machine to help you achieve all of your goals.

Exceeding Expectations

Here at Juki Junkies, we don’t just help you find the machine of your dreams; we help you get to know your machine as well. We love building relationships with our customers and being here for you when you need us. Gigi is only a phone call or text message away!

24/7 Education and Personalized Support

We want our customers to get the most out of the products they purchase by offering many educational resources such as blogs, YouTube videos, our private Facebook Groups, and our phone services as well (during store hours). We want you to be the expert in your area of sewing and able to tap into the full potential of your creativity.

We’ve been told by many sewists that Juki Junkies has helped them create life-long friendships and community with the commonality of sewing as a therapy. We hope you find the same sense of community with us in creating beautiful things.

We’re here for you!
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Gigi and David Wilson - Creator and Owner

Gigi Wilson with her TL-18QVP

What are customers are saying:

Check out our new deliveries...... Pictures coming soon

Juki is my loyal workhorse!
Kara Holland
Solid machine that gives you confidence and consistent quality to every project you tackle with it.
Jenny Rojas
The best machine ever. I bought one of the first TL 2010Q out. Never any problems.
Lena Scarborough