What’s the difference between the Juki F600 and the Juki DX7?






Let’s compare the Juki F600 and the Juki DX7 sewing machines.

I like to think of sewing machines as car models. The higher the price the more bells and whistles you get. You also get features that often will make it easier for the consumer to drive that car as you go up in models. For example, the option of cruise control and not having cruise control.  Well, it’s about the same with sewing machines.

The F600 sews beautifully and professionally just as the DX7. However, the DX7 has key features that allow the sewist to be spoiled just a little more.

Let’s talk about these features. The F series models including the F600 trim both needle and bobbin thread automatically by pressing the heel side of the foot controller. With this feature you can concentrate on your project while automatically cutting the thread. While the DX7 model allows the same, but gives an additional option. The Juki DX7 foot control gives you the ability to assign foot control options such as trim threads, reverse stitch or single stitch by pressing the heel side of the foot controller.

Now, let’s talk about the pivoting function.  This feature is only on the DX series machines and the not the F series sewing machines. The presser Foot Pivot function is absolutely life changing,  Yep, I mean that.  When you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position and the presser foot automatically lifts to allow for the fabric movement.  Basically, you come to a corner and the foot magically lifts up after you stop. You don’t have to lift the presser foot with your  hand like you would with the Juki F600. Does, this make the F600 a bad machine? Absolutely, not! It’s still a fantastic machine it just has one less feature in the spoiling department.

What about stitch plates? The F600 has the traditional stitch plate that looks like a jelly bean opening for you needle to go into. However, the DX7 has a straight stitch slide plate. Um, what is that? This means that you can sew the lightest fabrics with perfect needle permeation. The hole goes from that larger opening to a single hole which prevents fabrics to not be pushed into the hole.

These are just the key differences between these models. There are additional differences such as low speed inching sewing, float function, and lock stitch. Additionally, the DX7 comes with additional feet. Please refer to the brochures on these machines listed here which go into great detail about these differences.

Brochure for the F600 download here

Brochure for the DX7 download here 

What accessories are included with the Juki DX7 sewing machine?


Additionally, the Juki DX7 includes a wide table and a hard case cover.

What accessories are included with the Juki F600 sewing machine?

The Juki F600 includes a table as well and a hardcase cover.

We can say that they both have the same accessories with the exception of the DX7 comes with an instructional DVD.

Juki TL-18 QVP Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Meet the powerhouse of Juki home sewing machines! The TL-18 QVP is known for it’s speed, space and strength, but what I love even more is it’s simplicity. The TL-18 QVP only does a straight stitch. This makes her easy to operate and easy to tension. This workhorse is the perfect machine for quilting, bag making and garment sewing. I have to say it is a versatile machine. 

Let’s breakdown the top features:

Space and Body: 

The body’s frame is made from sturdy die-cast aluminum which minimizes vibration and noise. This allows for a professional performance that is maintained by the same technology found in Juki industrial sewing machines. In other words she is sturdy and will not vibrate around your sewing surface.

The throat space is 6” high by 8.5” wide. This make it easy for rolling quilts and constructing bags. Additionally, the head shape of the machine is streamlined, giving you great visibility from both front and side angles. Notice it’s not as bulky as a computerized machine. I love this while free motion quilting because it allows me to see my quilting from the side view too.


The industrial box feeding system creates stitching that is strong enough to go through multiple layers while still performing beautiful stitches. Additionally, the Juki TL-18 QVP has the new float function. Keep reading and I will detail this feature. 


The sewing machine comes with a variable speed control that can be set between 200 to 1500 stitches per minute when using the foot controller while still maintaining a smooth and quiet experience.  This makes sewing fast and efficient. I can whip up some curtains in no time with this kind of speed. 

Now, let’s just talk about additional features. 

The sewing machine has a side loaded bobbin. This vertical rotary hook produces beautiful balanced and even stitching. It also has a Needle Up/Down and Slow-Motion Switch button which moves the needle halfway up or down. This is useful when sewing corners and at the end. 

Perfectly trim the needle and bobbin threads with the simple push of a button or cut them with the foot controller. 

Free Motion Quilting is delightful on this machine. It’s my go to machine for quilting. Drop the feed dogs, adjust your speed to about 30% and put your foot to the metal! You will find your stitches are quilted evenly and beautiful. I always say “ This is the million dollar secret to quilting on this beauty.” You can even adjust the presser foot pressure if your quilt is thicker.

What about that Micro lifter floating function? This is the greatest addition to the TL models. This button sits on the right side of the top of the machine and it’s great to use while sewing thick fabrics. This feature prevents uneven sewing on quilts and velvet, as well as stretched stitches on knit fabrics. The presser foot floats 0 to 2 mm above the material, making it useful for sewing over thick seams. This is ideal for the bag maker that needs to go over layers of vinyl, denim fabrics of even faux leather. 


Overall, the Juki TL18 “Haruka” is a beautifully engineered workhorse and is our number one sold Juki sewing machine.  This mechanical machine is timeless.  It is designed to do one thing – sew beautiful straight stitches –  and it does this beautifully.    

Now, stop dreaming and make it happen. Here she is ready for you. Purchase HERE. 

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