Learn to Walk! A Walking Foot Class


Have you caught yourself saying :

  • Ugh, I can’t master Free Motion Quilting
  •  I just can’t quilt, I am frustrated.
  • I need something easier!

Well, then you need this class.

Quilt your quilts the easy way!

Join Gigi on  Thurs. July 14th at 2:30pm EST., but you can watch it on REPLAY TOO.

Gigi will be using the WALK book by Jacquie Gering. You can purchase the book here.

During this class she will be using a Juki TL machine. However, you can use any sewing machine that has a walking foot. 

Gigi will be showing you how to tackle 4 different types of walking foot quilting technique, but you never know if there is more time we can tackle more.

This is a great class to become  more confident with your walking foot! You will Be AMAZED at how many different styles you can create with just one foot.

No Free motion, no sending it to the long-armer. Just YOU and your WALKING foot! READ BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. Scroll down to the description below the picture on this page 🙂

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I am so glad you are joining my class. This is one of my favorite classes to teach. It opens the door into the world of quilting without feeling like you must know how to doodle. I hold your hand and help you with the walking foot and quilting several quilt sandwiches. This will be lots of fun! Gigi

Please read below before you join us….

The class will be hosted in a private group on Facebook you can access here: 


Prework & Supplies needed BEFORE class. *Please read prior to attending class*

  • Clean and oil your machine prior to class. Have a FRESH needle. Suggested needles include
  • The book of course! Gigi will be using the Walk Book you can purchase here.
  • The Even Feed presser foot a.k.a. Walking Foot.. If you have a TL machine you will need this one. If you have a computerized machines, you will need this one.
  • A marking tool. Such as a frixion pen (6-pack and 12-pack), a chaco liner, or an aqua pen.
  • Curved pins or Basting Spray. Basting spray is preferred. 
  • Gecko Gloves: AKA quilting gloves. I like to cut finger tips off. 
  • A ruler to draw a straight line. An 18 inch ruler is a nice size and then a smaller one like 6 inches is so nice to have to create markings.
  • Guide Bar: (If you don’t have your guide bar grab one here: Quilt Guide for Walking Foot (Even Feed) – Juki TL Machines 
  • Quilt Sandwiches 2-4 Approximately 12×18 in size with a low loft cotton batting 14×20 . Please use quality fabric such a solid Michael Miller fabric. Baste them with basting sprays. That is my preferred method. You can also use curved pins.
  • Glide 40W Thread
  • A seam gauge is handy to have during class too such as the magnetic sewing gauge or the swing gauge
  • Blue tape is fun to have and so easy to use, but not necessary.
  • A notebook, a highlighter and pen during class.
  • Please make sure you have your walking foot installed and your knee lift if available for class. Get to know that foot INSTALLATION PRIOR to class.
  • A cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine to hang with me! Maybe, some jelly beans or M&M’s too. :)- If you have any questions feel free to call me at 813-376-5015 and ask for Gigi. 

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