Juki TL-18QVP Haruka Quilting and Sewing Machine

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Haruka TL-18QVP is a single needle, lock-stitch, portable sewing machine, constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing. As a reflection of JUKI’s Japanese heritage, the TL-18QVP was named Haruka meaning “beyond.” Go beyond expectation with Haruka!

For additional information, please call us at 813-376-5015 or send us an email at sewingmachines411@gmail.com.

Recommended Use: An excellent choice for the quilter that would love consistent stitches while also being able to free motion quilt. Excellent bag making machine too. The Juki TL-18 is the number one sold Juki sewing machine.

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Known as a workhorse, the Haruka TL-18QVP lives up to this standard as a single needle, lock-stitch, portable sewing machine, constructed of aluminum die-casting that ensures industrial-quality sewing.

Equipped with the same mechanism as JUKI’s industrial machines, the TL-18QVP features a float foot function, great for a multitude of layers and thick seams perfect for fashion, handbag making, and piecing. If you’re looking for precise seams, the TL-18QVP comes with a mounting base to attach gauges and binders. Want to try free-motion quilting? Drop the feed dogs and sew away! The sewing possibilities are endless.

Made to last, the TL-18QVP comes with additional features like presser foot up and down, thread trimming, and speed control. Additional accessories like the knee lift lever and extension table make the TL-18QVP is a perfect addition to any sewing space, offering easy control and a smooth ride.

As a reflection of JUKI’s Japanese heritage, the TL-18QVP was named Haruka meaning “beyond.” Go beyond expectation with Haruka!

Additional information


• Max. 1,500 SPM
• Max. stitch length 6mm
• Straight stitch only
• Weight of machine : 25 lbs
• Dimensions: 17.75”(W) x 9”(H) x 8.5”(D) 8.5 THROAT SPACE
• 8.5” Throat Space

21 reviews for Juki TL-18QVP Haruka Quilting and Sewing Machine

  1. Michelle

    This machine really is a workhorse. I’m a bag maker and this machine can handle it all! Best purchase ever. Boki really came through with her recommendation!

  2. Beth

    Loving my TL18 Haruka! She’s sewn through everything I’ve thrown at her like Butter! Boki with Juki Junkies answered All my questions and helped me pick out the right machine for me. I enjoy bag making, quilting and crafting. The TL 18 has been perfect for ALL of it!

  3. Steph (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my TL18! I haven’t found anything it can’t handle. It’s great for making bags! I am so happy I bought it, and the customer service from Juki Junkies is amazing!

    • carmen (verified owner)

      Thank you Steph! We appreciate your feedback. Count on us for any help that you might need.

  4. Tamera Stewart (verified owner)

    Juki Junkies are great!!! I called as I was frustrated with the machine I had from another company wasn’t doing what I was told it could and was looking for a machine to do what I needed. Gigi listened to my needs and set me up with the Haruka … Omg game changer . This machine came ready to use, with the tensions set!!! All I had to do was add thread to it.. when I started using the machine I started messing with the tension and completely messed up my stitches . I called GIGi and her staff a couple of times and they walked me through it with massive patience.. Now I know what I’m doing I’m so happy… I had payed way more for my other machine, I wish I knew about Juki junkies then as I could have save sooooo much money. Go with Juki Junkies as the amazing customer service can’t be compared and the Haruka is a great strong machine that can go through ALOT.. Thanks Jukie Junkie!!!!

  5. Rosanne

    The TL18 Haruka is a wonderful machine.
    I’ve been working on ByAnnie bag with ease. When I saw Gigi’s video of free motion quilting with this machine I’ve decided to give it a try.

  6. Janelle

    I bought the Haruka last year to use in quilting. I love it. Such even stitching. Sews like a dream. Handles multiple layers of fabric without issues. Have made Boki’s famous bucket hat with it too. All the Youtube videos done by Gigi and her team showing how to thread or adjust tension on the Haruka are an added bonus.
    Highly recommend this machine.

  7. Chrys Fooy (verified owner)

    I love my Haruka for many reasons, but number one has to be reliability. I’ve been sewing for 60 years and I just can’t sit for hours sewing anymore. My Haruka is the second sewing machine I have owned (the first would be my Juki DU1181N) that I know when I start my project I can complete without troubleshooting sewing machine issues. She has sewn everything I have asked her to sew without problems.

  8. Brenda Freese

    I LOVE my TL-18. It is great for piecing and quilting. I even ventured into bag making. Gigi and her staff are so friendly and you can call with any questions. Thank you Gigi and staff for the great experience!!

  9. Rebecca

    This is the best machine I have ever owned, no questions asked! It’s quiet, smooth, reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain. And the customer service at this shop is absolutely the best. I will never buy from anywhere else!

  10. Raq (verified owner)

    Love my Haruka. I got her when I started to make more bags. She’s a beast and an amazing companion to my DX3000. While all she does is straight stitch, she does it beautifully. Having the right tool for the job is so important and she does her job flawlessly. Took me a while to use the microlift as she powers through layers so well, but having it for thick layers makes my stitches even and beautiful. My only regret is not having gotten her sooner as she’s helped me level up my game.

  11. Marrietta O’Brien

    I have had my Haruka since 2018 when I purchased it on a Black Friday sale (what a deal!) from Gigi Carmen Wilson. I had been sewing on a TL98 for at least 11 years prior (after meeting Sharon Schamber at the Houston Quilt show and seeing her Best in Show quilt completely machine quilted on her TL98) and I hadn’t had a single bit of trouble with it, but the temptation of a new Juki at the offered price was too much to pass up. I do LOTS of fmq, and again…my 98 has always done a great job, but the speed control allows me to adjust a mid range speed where putting “pedal to the metal” allows me to concentrate on hand/arm movements to create beautiful shapes and motifs. The float feature allows me to stitch on a “humper” area with a twist of a dial that takes seconds. I love my perfect straight topstitched bindings and do not miss any decorative stitches. I have Berninas that will accommodate that, but with the exception of sewing on buttons (and how often do I sew on buttons?) my Bernina sits languishing next to my Haruka and 98. The Haruka is truly my Dream Machine. Let me know if you’d like to see my potholders. I am SO proud of them and my skills that the Haruka makes me successful.

  12. Linda Mullaney

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Haruka. It is a wonderful workhorse, easy to maintain and does what I need as I did not want a computerized machine. Heavy but I can still take it to retreats. Only regret is that I bought it locally trying to support local. Wish I had purchased from Gigi even though I live in California. Had a foot pedal issue, my dealer said it was user error and I didn’t know how to use the pedal. Gigi offerred assistance though ultimately it resolved itself.

  13. Louise G. (verified owner)

    I have heard so many wonderful things about the Juki-TL18 Haruka. I put it on my wish list, and my husband told me to get it! I was so glad I chose Juki Junkies to order my new machine. Their customer service is incredible! I love my Haruka sewing machine!! It sews so incredibly fast, and powers through multiple layers like a charm. I’ve been so happy with my machine, I have been teaching myself to learn new sewing techniques . Each night I go to sleep looking forward to the next day to sew on my TL-18QVP! This Machine is absolutely the best!! Thank you Juki Junkies and all your staff for an incredible machine and always wonderful customer service.

  14. Irene (verified owner)

    Love my Haruka! And buying from Juki Junkies mean your machine will be tested and tension adjusted to ensure it will work perfectly out of the box. The microlifter sews through humps and thick layers with ease. Definitely add a heavy throat plate to your order if you quilt or sew bags. It will help avoid needle breakage and damage to your throat plate and bobbin case. It’s a workhorse and worth every penny!

  15. Tori

    The Best of The Best!! I’m a bag maker, and this is THE machine for professional results. The microlifter is an absolute game changer! It handles many layers of vinyl, waterproof canvas, and even genuine leather. I’ve owned mine for almost a year, and I’m still amazed at its power! The stitching is perfection, easy to clean and maintain, and truly levels up your work.

  16. Stephanie

    Two words: DREAM MACHINE
    This was my first “big girl” machine after a little computerized machine that I was gifted after college. I did a lot of research and it paid off because it led me to this machine. The high speed straight stitch is so reliable and fast. My projects come together so much more quickly and with better quality than before. This machine single handed upped my quilting game to where I feel confident producing more difficult patterns because I know my stitch will be rock steady. The heel cutter and knee lift are so convenient and I love the knee lift for sewing curves. The extra throat space is a dream for sit down quilting.

    Recently I’ve gotten inspired by all the Junk Junkie FB group posts on bags. I started sewing bags of all kinds on this machine. Again: DREAM MACHINE. From small cosmetic bags to baskets to large totes to slings… It does it all!! Many layers, any material, any thread time, multiple battings…

    If you’re considering this machine, don’t hesitate! Anything you want to do, it will do too!!

  17. Terri

    I just started quilting two years ago. This machine is awesome. It’s simple to use and a real workhorse! I made a denim bag and it was a breeze!

  18. Bonnie Jean Pinkerton

    I am a new owner of the Juki TL18QVP. This machine is by far my favorite machine to use. (I have many… lol) It is easy to operate and creates beautiful straight stitches on various types of materials. The accessories that are included with this machine make it a great value and the micro lifter feature is very helpful when needing to sew through thick materials and seams. I just love having the thread cutter on the foot pedal as well I am very impressed with this machine and am looking forward to many years of creating handmade quilts, bags and various other fun projects with my new Juki TL18QVP Haruka.

  19. Cheryl (verified owner)

    The Juki TL-18 is my dream machine! Sews through just about anything, and the stitch quality is amazing. The crew at Juki Junkies/ Gigi’s Fabric Shop are the greatest, and are always happy to help you with any questions that you may have before AND after your purchase. Best product support I’ve ever experienced!

  20. Terri Nelson

    I was looking for a TL2010 at the beginning of the pandemic when machines were scarce. I found Juki Junkies, placed my order online and the next day got a call from them letting me know they didn’t have any in stock, but did have the TL18QVP. I am so happy that call came and I changed my order. I make bags and this machine is simply an amazing workhorse. I definitely had learning curves, but for every question I’ve had, Gigi’s has a YouTube video on it. There is a Facebook group where Gigi is very active in answering questions from everyone, not just those who bought their machine from her shop. That is what great customer service is all about. My next machine purchase will definitely be from this shop.

  21. SHIRLEY MARTIN (verified owner)

    I love this machine. It really is a little work horse. It will sew just about anything. Icing on the cake…it also does a great job of FMQ. I’ve had 12 machines and this by far is the best machine I have had.

    • Gigi (verified owner)

      Thank you Miss Shirley. We appreciate your review.

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Standard Features

  • Float Function (Micro-Lifter): Now equipped with the same mechanism as JUKI industrial sewing machines for preventing uneven sewing on quilts and velvet, as well as stretched stitches on knit fabrics. The presser foot floats 0 to 2mm above the material making it useful for sewing over thick seams.
  • Attachment Mounting Plate: A separate attachment mounting plate for installing fabric guides and other attachments. This extends the life of the sewing machine, as it can now be replaced when the mounting holes become damaged.
  • LED Sewing Light Brightness Adjustment: A switch in the needle area allows you to adjust the brightness of the light between high, medium, low, and off.
  • Maximum Sewing Speed Control: Easily control your sewing speed from 200 to 1500 SPM with the adjustable slide.
  • Drop Feed: The feed dog can be raised and lowered by moving the lever. Perform free-motion quilting and free-hand embroidery with ease.
  • Automatic Needle Threader: The automatic needle threader quickly and easily threads the needle without eyestrain, allowing you to change thread colors as often as you wish.
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer: Perfectly trim the needle and bobbin threads with the simple push of a button of foot pedal activation. Industrial sewing machine technology provides exceptional durability, noise control and cutting. Sewing can continue after automatic cutting even if the bobbin thread is not visible above the throat space.
  • Sub-Tension Unit: No matter the thread type, sub-tension ensures stitches are sewn with a balanced thread tension. Achieve perfectly balanced threads with every stitch.
  • Needle Up/Down Control
  • Each press or push of the needle up/down switch moves the needle halfway up or down. Hold the switch down to sew a slow single stitch – useful when sewing corners and at the end of stitching.
  • LED Light Please contact us for pricing information.


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