Quilter suggestions for TL machines

Allow us to help you find the right essentials to jump into quilting projects with your Juki TL machine. Below we have created this list to help you become familiar with products that our quilting customers often purchase.


FLAT Piecing has never been so diggity bomb! Our Cairo Quilt threads are 50w Egyptian mercerized cotton thread that is strong and durable which makes flat piecing an idea thread. No Sheen and made in the USA.


      Meet our 40 weight poly thread that is awesome for Free Motion Quilting, but also can be used for a variety of sewing such as piecing, bag making, embroidery and top stitching. This thread is LONGLASTING and has a beautiful sheen making your quilts look gorgeous. Your stitches will be defined and you will see less tension issues. The bonus here is Glide is virtually lint free, made in the USA and runs smoothly on all sewing machines. Take it up a notch and grab the PREWOUND bobbins below.


      Take your quilting space to the NEXT level with this optional table measuring 32″ wide and 24″ long.

      This makes free motion quilting so much easier and helps with less dragging of your quilt. We recommend that you grab the side open toe with while using this table.


      This presser foot for free-motion sewing is open at the front so that the needle area is easy to see. It is used for free-motion sewing when the sewing machine is positioned longitudinally. The above suggested table works well with this foot.


      After spending hours creating beautiful quilts and bags, your machine is going to have trouble keeping up with you! But luckily, this is an easy fix. Oiling your machine keeps it functioning the same way it did when you first took it out of the box. Now the hours of creativity can continue without a hitch. Grab the oiling pen for precision oiling and not making a mess. We recommend that you oil Juki TL sewing machines every 4-6 hours of use with 1-2 drops in designated oiling areas.


      Will you be doing FMQ with heavier quilts? Using the thick throat plate gives your needle more clearance to sew with ease while also protecting your plate at the same time. The needle hole is larger than the regular hole included with the machine. This is not a must, but it sure helps when fabrics get bulkier.


      As we know, you can’t sew without your bobbin. They may be tiny but they are mighty. Juki has the perfect bobbin that is designed specifically for the vertical full rotary hook in JUKI semi-professional sewing machines. Stock up so you never have to stop the fun. And to make life even easier, go ahead and get the bobbin case to go with it! Having an extra bobbin case is perfect when working with different weighted threads and varying tensions.


      The regular hinged foot is one of our favorites for our Juki TL sewing machines. A classic if we might add. This 1/4″ foot is used for piecing together patchwork with a seam allowance of 1/4″ (6.5 mm). Just align the edge of the fabric with the presser foot guide to easily sew with a seam allowance of 1/4″. It’s as simple as that!

      Left Compensating Foot

      Our most popular foot for BINDING quilts on the Juki TL machines. This is a must have! It’s double spring allows you to bind easily with a guide along the center to follow. Watch our Tutorial on this foot here.


      We couldn’t leave you without some of our favorite notions that make sewing that much easier.

      Sewing Machine LED Light Strip

      One of the notions we can’t live without is the Sewing Machine LED Light Strip. The bright light provides an illuminated workspace, eliminating any shadows you may have had before. The strip is easy to install and can be cut to size. Its tap technology also allows you to adjust the brightness and remembers the setting for the next use. Now you can see all of your beautiful stitches without straining your eyes.

      These are just the basic starter accessories that we think you will need to start your projects. If you’re looking for more goodies, feel free to visit the mechanical accessories page and shop away! The fun has just begun.

      For any questions or concerns, please contact us at sewingmachines411@gmail.com or call us at (813) 661-9000.