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How beautiful is this quilt? Gigi’s daughter made this sample a while back, super spontaneously and she LOVED it. It’s a super easy, beginner friendly pattern that finishes at a great size of 60×70. For this class you WILL need the BOOK which is available for purchase here.
The book is called “Southwest Modern” by Kristi Schroeder. This book is packed with simplistic designs that offer lots of different techniques. From half square triangles, to paper piecing there is a lot to learn from this book.

So, let’s make it together! Join Boki on September 1st at 4pm EST in creating this stunning quilt top.

Here is what you will need to create the quilt top:
Fabric A (the white): 3/4y
Fabric B (the beige): 1 1/3y
Fabric C (the lighter orange): 5/8y
Fabric D (the darker orange): 1y
Fabric E (the navy): 1 1/3y

Once you have purchased the class, you will need to join the Facebook group. Click HERE to join. This is where we are going to be doing the class together. You will need to provide your order number from the receipt you receive after purchasing the class.

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