Juki J-150QVP Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Experience JUKI’s new high-speed free motion quilting and sewing machine with digital technology.
With a maximum sewing speed of 2,500spm, this quiet and durable machine allows you to finish your work even faster. Delivery fees apply
In addition, the generous 12” wide throat space allows you finish big projects with comfort.

For additional information and better pricing, please call the store at 813-376-5015 or 813-661-9000 or send us an email at sewingmachines411@gmail.com.

Due to the weight and size of this machine, it is not returnable.

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Juki J-150QVP Mechanical Sewing Machine

Experience JUKI’s high-speed free motion quilting and sewing machine with digital technology, the J-150QVP. With a maximum sewing speed of 2,500spm, this whisper-quiet and durable machine allow you to finish with precision.

The J-150QVP is equipped with features that allow you to make your sewing goals a reality! The generous 12” wide throat allows you to sew and quilt with spatial comfort. Change from sewing to quilting in 2 easy steps! First, change the presser foot, then press the switch function on the LCD panel. Change more features digitally like the tension, speed, box feeding system, lock/backstitching, and more!

With features like these, the J-150QVP is perfect for getting that finished product you want!

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• Sewing Speed: Max. 2,500 spm
• Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
• 12” Throat space
• Machine Weight: 57 lbs
• Main Table: 48” w x 22” h
• Total Work Area: 48” x 42” h

1 review for Juki J-150QVP Mechanical Sewing Machine

  1. Brenda F

    Absolutely Love this machine!
    I ordered in Kentucky. Customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended this business. There was a learning curve, but with phenomenal Juki Junkies site. . No worries!

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Standard Features

  • Large Work Surface: The generous 12” wide throat space allows you to finish big projects with ease.
  • Custom Switches: Two easily accessible switches (A and B) can be assigned for operations, for example, needle up and down or raising the presser foot.
  • Independent Bobbin Winder: The QVP’s bobbin winder operates with an independent motor. Full capacity L size bobbins filled with your favorite thread ready to complete your project.
  • One-Touch Switching to Free Motion Mode: The machine is equipped with a button for switching between straight stitch mode and free motion mode.
  • Micro-Lifter Function: By inputting a negative value for the presser foot pressure, fabric can be sewn with the presser foot floating at a height of 0 to 4mm. This helps when sewing thick seams and reduces uneven feeding when quilting.
  • Bobbin Thread Counter: With the count changing by one for every 10 stitches sewn, the counter can be used as a guide for when to replace the bobbin thread.
  • Four Feed Operation Types: From the operation panel, you can select the appropriate feed operation for the item being sewn: standard for normal fabric, front up for thin fabric or knits, rear up for thick fabrics, and box feed for quilting.
  • Easily Insert and Remove Thick Fabrics: When the presser foot is raised, the feed dog is automatically lowered. In addition, the presser foot can be raised to a height of up to 13.5mm allowing thick fabrics to easily be inserted and removed.
  • Maintenance-Free: Fill oil tank through the filler opening at the front of the sewing machine to ensure that the hook is automatically lubricated. Share
  • Digitally Controlled LCD Panel: Adjust settings, for example, stitch length, thread tension, presser foot pressure with the touch of a button. Settings can be confirmed and specified from this large panel.