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Free your creativity! Let’s jump into the world of FREE MOTION QUILTING with Denise Betts.

During this course you will have the opportunity to work at your own pace while viewing nine videos lessons. The basics will be covered step by step. Machine set up, supplies, tension, trouble shooting and the basic shapes that all other designs are created with.

Watching these 10 lessons in order will build on itself. You will also be able to pace yourself and build your confidence along the way.  Denise will chime in and out with answering questions and hold your hand along the way.

Each segment will have the associated PDF files loaded into the files section of the group.  You will also learn  to create a sampler with your new skills.

Videos will start posting In on July  19 and the  the instructor will moderate this group starting  July 22.  You will be able to ask questions at that time, but in the meantime enjoy and start learning. The class will stay up until December 30.

Once you register please follow this LINK TO ENTER THE CLASS. The course will be offered on a PRIVATE Facebook Group. You must have FB to participate.  YOU WILL NEED YOUR ORDER NUMBER to enter the class.  

Class SUPPLIES recommended by Denise are right HERE…follow this LINK to our FMQ supplies. 


PLEASE ORDER THIS CLASS WITH NO OTHER ITEMS in your cart and select local pickup so it doesn’t charge  shipping. 

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